Project: Guest Bed Frame

Ryan and I bought this bed frame when we moved in together on 26th Street in Minneapolis. It was an old house that we were renting with a few other friends, and we lived in the attic.



It was lightweight, the look wasn’t too bad, but most importantly at the time, it was cheap! I think we paid under $100 for it. It’s no longer available from IKEA.

That was over four years ago, though, and the bed isn’t in great shape:




Yeah… that thing has been through 3 moves, including several months in a storage pod coming down to Texas from Minnesota

Earlier this year, when my in-laws were coming to visit us, we made the decision that it was time for a new bed and frame. So this bed went from being ours to being the guest bed (yes…looking like *that* all this time. I’m a bit ashamed.)

I’m about 2/3 done revamping the bed frame, and then I have some work to do on dresser that will match it. It’s not a jaw-dropping change but I think the difference will be awesome, and when we have visitors I will be excited to have them stay in a pretty guest bedroom, instead of feeling bit embarrassed over the state of our furniture.

No “TA-DAAAA!” pictures today, but they’ll be coming soon!


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