Weekly Meal Planning 3/19/12

I haven’t been very organized lately. Meal planning hasn’t been a very high priority and, thus, hasn’t been at all successful. But after a few weeks of running off to the store nearly every night for some small ingredient, it’s time to get focused.

Monday: Wild Rice Burgers and salad.

Tuesday: It’s supposed to be quite rainy in the beginning of the week, I think a nice tomato, vegetable and chicken-sausage risotto is just what’s needed.

Wednesday: Since we have some wild rice all cooked up, I’m tagging Ryan to make a wild rice salad that we both liked at a deli in MN.

Thursday: Doesn’t this sound fantastic? Shrimp, Avocado & Grapefruit Salad and some crusty bread

Friday: Pork tenderloin roulade with apple-bourbon jam and roasted cauliflower

Saturday: I’ve been craving some Neapolitan-style pizza. Maybe I’ll try to convince Ryan that he ought to take me to House Pizzeria


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