Weekly Meal Planning 2/27/12

…well, hello there!

I disappeared for a while there. It’s been a change, working, getting used to the new routine of doing things like showering and leaving the house and wearing clothes other than PJs. Work, man, it’s for the birds. (I’m just kidding, universe, in case you’re listening)

Ryan’s parents graced us with a visit, which was a fantastic week full of touring and eating many delicious meals in restaurants and absolutely no cooking. Then there was a week of recovery. Now we’re back on track. 

Monday: Ryan’s playing basketball, and I’m currently eating an egg white omelet and a strip of bacon.

Tuesday: I made barbacoa beef recently, and I want to make fajita burrito bowls with red and green bell pepper, red onion, and cilantro-lime bulgur wheat instead of rice. I know – crazy! Bulgur wheat!

Wednesday: Pasta with cilantro chicken sausage. I’ve gotten tons and tons of pasta and sauce from work the past week or so, it’s my duty to try it and report my opinions on the samples 🙂

Thursday: We have a stash of very ripe bananas in the freezer, I’m thinking of making some banana bread and French Toast-ifying it in a manner similar to the South Congress Cafe’s Carrot Cake French Toast. Brinner for the win!

Friday: Ryan and I bet on the Oscars – whoever guessed more winners not only gets a break from a bunch of chores for this week, but gets to pick where we go to dinner and what we do for an after-dinner activity. I lost, big time 😦


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