Savoury Corn Waffles with Bacon, Salsa and Fried Eggs & Meal Planning 1/22/12

This was a celebratory meal, one of many.

I’m going back to work this week – tomorrow! I can almost guarantee that if you’re in the US, Canada or the UK that you’ve heard of my new employer. I’ll be doing work that I love with a company that shares a lot of my values. My new office is in a killer part of town (about half a block from, I kid you not, a bacon-themed restaurant). And the best part? I can take the bus to work. I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I tell you, dear reader, that that is quite literally my dream.

So, yes, life is indeed sweet, and I’m trying to enjoy every moment of it. So this morning there were waffles.

Adapted from Joy the Baker

My changes –
– used 1c all-purpose flour and 1/2c white cornmeal, because I’m a Southern gal now (I defy you to even find white cornmeal up north!)
– used parsley and chipotle powder, both dried, instead of fresh parsley and chives
– included about 1/4c of finely shredded Pecorino Romano
– cooked and crumbled four slices of thick pepper bacon and mixed that in the batter

Served with an egg over easy (in Ryan’s case, an egg with two yolks, which led to a few interesting moments reading the superstitions some people have over that ‘omen’) and salsa.

Next time I make these, I will separate the eggs and beat the whites to create a more delicate waffle, as these got a bit dry and heavy. The salsa and eggs really perked them up, however.

On to the meal planning…

This will be an interesting week, with me back at work and probably arriving home after Ryan in the evenings. All three of us, the dog particularly, will have to adjust to this new arrangement.

Sunday: goulash – I didn’t get to this last week, and the roast is thawed.
Monday: butternut squash soup, salad and naan. I’ll probably cook the soup tonight, however.
Tuesday: chicken enchiladas verde
Wednesday: turkey burgers, sweet potato tots & salad. I really enjoyed this when we ate it last week.
Thursday: Ryan will cook a delicious curry!
Friday: Thai chicken pizza
Saturday: we’ll probably go out to dinner.


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