It’s the little things

Since finishing Haruni, my knitting mojo and I have lost one another. I had to rip back 3″ of a sweater, a sweater I’ve been working on since September, because I foolishly increased and then decreased again only 3/4″ later, resulting in an ugly looking pucker. I started not one – not two – but THREE – Christening gowns and they all were big fat ugly failures. I was trying to force it, trying to fake it. I just needed a break.

So I took two giant steps back, dug through my stash for leftovers and scraps and made a few tiny things. No fit issues, no complicated lace charts or trying to create my own patterns, just straight-forward ribbing and calming stocking stitch. That I made useful things out of remnants that have been hanging around for a while is a huge bonus.

(Click the images to go to the Ravelry page for each project)

This took me all of 45 minutes –

I made the cabled part of this ages ago (I have the feeling it was summer of 2010!) but I always wanted to add ribbing to keep the edges from curling. I’m glad I did.

This just makes coffee feel a little more luxurious –

Some fingering scraps made into useful things –


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