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My first triangular shawl!

I love this pattern. There’s a lot I didn’t know about the construction of these kinds of shawls, and this pattern laid everything out perfectly. You really don’t find this kind of thoroughness in a free pattern ever. It’s the perfect, free, intro to triangular shawl knitting.

I can’t get over blocking lace. It’s so addictive. You take this crumply, kind of blah thing, soak it in water, pin it on a chunk of carpet that you don’t walk on (if you’re me; other people, people who aren’t me, have special foam tiles for this kind of thing. Someday, someday.), I mean really stretch it and pin the crap out of it, trying all the while to keep your dog from walking on it as he’s jumping on you and giving kisses, “why are you doing whatever you’re doing, mama?”, trying to teach your dog that “T-PINS ARE NOT FOOD! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO EAT THAT?” (I mean, seriously, dog, why do you keep trying to eat t-pins?). Then you wait a day or so and you take out the pins and the crumpled thing you had is now delicate and perfect and you feel ever so proud of yourself. LOOK. LOOK AT WHAT I MADE!

Having said all that, I don’t know that triangular shawls are really my thing. I did enjoy the knitting of it, and I love the final result. But the wearing? It’s just not for me. I tried it on the other day, after blocking and taking pictures. I’m a stole person. Rectangles, that’s my thing. Maybe because it is relatively small – 46″ at its widest point; my wingspan is 70″ – that it felt silly on me. It’s so, so pretty. It’ll make a fantastic gift for someone.


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