Thai Chicken Pizza and Meal Planning Monday 12/19/11

it tastes better cut into squares

Mmm… Thai chicken pizza. We have it once a week at the G household. Once you get the hang of making pizza dough, everything else is easy. I can’t believe I ever didn’t make pizza at home…it’s so easy and the results are so, so good.

This pizza is based off of one made by Galactic Pizza on 29th & Lyndale Ave S in Minneapolis. Funnily enough I was never a big fan of this pizza when we got it from Galactic. I think the first time I had it, it upset my stomach and so I never wanted to eat it again. But Ryan loved it so we made our own version, and I love it now! It’s basically pad thai, minus the noodles.

You’ll need:
– one pizza crust of your choosing (we love this recipe, substituting in 1/2 whole wheat bread flour)
– one-third cup peanut or satay sauce (or amount required to cover whole crust; this is your pizza sauce). I’ve frequently made my own – just Google ‘peanut sauce recipe’ – but this kind sold by H-E-B/Central Market is inexpensive and really very tasty, with a nice flavor of coconut.
– one-half to one red pepper, slivered (red pepper is insanely cheap in Texas, so I use it freely; in Minnesota it was quite the opposite and I would only use about 1/2 pepper)
– two carrots, peeled and slivered
– three green onions, chopped
– one cup bean sprouts
– about 4 oz chicken, cooked and chopped (we use half of an average chicken breast, cooked on the Foreman grill)
– one-quarter cup cilantro, minced
– one and a half cups mozzarella cheese, shredded

Preheat your oven to 450F. If you have a pizza stone, use it!

Prep vegetables and combine in a bowl while chicken is cooking. Roll out pizza dough onto parchment paper; spread with peanut sauce and layer chicken (putting the chicken on the bottom of the pizza helps to keep it from drying out in the hot, hot oven). Evenly coat pizza with vegetable mix. Sprinkle cilantro over the entire pizza and layer cheese on.

Slide pizza in to oven and cook, 12-14 minutes or until cheese is bubbly and golden brown and crust is browned. Let cool for five minutes, slice and serve.

on to…
Meal Planning Monday
this week is all about cleaning out the fridge before we go north for the holidays.
Monday – takeout (we have puppy school with Baxter)
Tuesday – pasta with chicken sausage
Wednesday – the Megos are coming over and I am roasting a chicken
Thursday – leftovers
Friday – we fly to MN at night; in the morning I am making a Christmas breakfast and Ryan, Baxter and I will exchange gifts.


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