risotto with sausage and meal planning ‘monday’ 12/12/11

I’ve seen a lot of “Meal Planning Monday” on food blogs that I follow and I like this idea – I mean, I make a meal plan every week, but it’s usually just in an email draft with all of my other “To Do” lists for the week.

Yesterday I made this risotto which I’ve made three or four times now this fall and winter* and each time has been quite tasty. It’s healthier and, I think, less involved than a traditional risotto. I love that there are tons of veggies built in.

For last night’s version I used chicken hot Italian sausage from Sprouts, and put in more spinach than called for, probably close to a full pound. I also diced a zucchini and threw that in as well. I liked the addition of the zucchini – it maintained a little crunch to it through the cooking process. Ryan ate two huge portions which always makes me feel successful.

Meal Planning Monday
Monday – Sausage, tomato and spinach risotto
TuesdayFrench Onion Soup
ThursdayRoast Chicken à la Thomas Keller
Friday – Thai Chicken Pizza, a riff on Galactic Pizza’s “Thailander” pizza. I’ll have get Ryan to take some pictures so I can write up a recipe. I have a hard time remembering to measure ingredients.
Saturday – We’re going out to dinner and to look at Christmas lights with some friends.

*I feel silly saying “this winter” even thought it’s the middle of December. Call it the Texas effect – how is it possibly winter? It’s 50+ degrees outside! I have the sliding glass door open right now!


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