recent craftiness

I’m fully engrossed in Christmas knitting. Most of it is for little kids, so the projects aren’t huge. We’re still approaching the deadline quickly, and last night as I was making dinner there was definitely the thought of “Could I manage to knit while cooking and not burn the risotto?” In the end, dear reader, I decided not to chance it.

Kate requested a pair of knitted pants for Annika, so I made these –

They’re cute and I like the finished product, but I didn’t love knitting them. When I knit in the round I think I prefer to knit mostly plain stockinette stitch – I enjoy the rhythm of it. I don’t know if I would make these again.

I had more yarn left over from making those pants, so I whipped up a little hat to go with them:

The hat was a very fast knit and I like the little ‘stem’ at the top. I didn’t make it as long as the pattern suggested, but then again I modified the pattern a lot from the original concept. I had a yellow rose made from pima cotton leftovers that I stuck on there. I think it’s very cute.

That’s all for FOs for the last week or so. Stay tuned for more, or perhaps for a story of how in my haste to get all the knitting done, I drop a baby cardigan into a pot of goulash (let’s hope not).


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