at last

Ryan made a comment today about “locking [me] in a room and not opening the door until there was a new blog post!”

So here we are, and it’s been quite a while.

With an eye towards helping myself succeed, I’ve been thinking about what I should blog about that would keep me coming back. and those things are:



and cooking.

I’ve been looking into several ’30 days’ photo projects, and I think that would be fun – an excuse to take, and post, silly random photos every day.

Crafting is a no-brainer as I knit every day, but it’s rarely interesting – today I knitted approximately 2000 stitches of black merino wool that I recycled from a J. Crew sweater that I wore in my senior pictures. The sweater was fine, until it got attacked by moths. But I managed to salvage a lot of the wool and I’m now making a lovely drape-y short-sleeved top FOR MYSELF! However, since joining Pinterest I’ve pinned a million fun interesting crafty things that I want to do and maybe this will encourage me to do them (and then show them off!)

Cooking is the one that I’m worried about – I cook every single day and enjoy it thoroughly, but I rarely do it neatly or in a cute way, and I’m hardly ever organized enough to measure spices, let alone take a photo or two. I’d like to do better. Maybe I can once in a while manage a photo of the finished product or something.

So there we have it. Maybe 2012 will see me be an incredible blogger.

Oh- and I feel that it is worth noting that it has been raining in Austin for the past 48 hours almost continuously. Fan-freaking-tastic.


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