About three weeks have passed since Ryan left the Twin Cities and we’re coping. I won’t say that it’s been easy, but I am able to fill in my time that I’m not working by wrapping up loose ends and getting things ready for my big move.

It’s really ridiculous the number of things I’ve been putting off doing for no particular reason at all – like getting my wedding dress cleaned (yes, it’s been nearly two years since we got married….) and getting new heel tips put on some dress shoes. I could have done those things at any point in the last year or so but the upcoming move has really made me productive. Ryan being in Texas already probably helps, in that regard, because rather than spending our time together doing couple-ish things, I’m going to the cobbler and taking bags and bags to Goodwill and sewing bathroom curtains.

The stress of the move has gotten to me, and I don’t think I’ve done a very good job so far of managing it – I’ve gotten bloody noses (for me, a classic indication of stress) four times in the last week. There’s so much to do!

We’re getting closer to nailing down plans for the actual move itself, which is excellent. I should know soon if Matt intends to keep this apartment. Knowing that will help define the timing of the move and it will help me to start planning. I’m getting antsy to get the ball rolling, to tell my work that I’m leaving, to make things happen.


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