Sinton Tour: Garden

I thought it would fun for our family and friends to do a series of posts showing off various aspects of our house. Also, it’ll be a great reminder in a few years (or maybe a few decades, who knows!) of where we started with the house and what we’ve changed over the years.

Far and away, there is absolutely nothing we need to do to the back yard. The garden is amazing! All we need to do is maintain and try not to kill everything back there. I also have some ambitious plans of growing vegetables…

The back of the house and covered patio. The windows above are the master bedroom on the right and master bath on the left.

Southern fence

Facing the street (east) on the south side of the property…our A/C! Very important.

On the south side of the property, facing west. One of the container plants in front is peppermint! (Our seller left them for us)

The south fence and cover plants.

Facing due east.

A broken chimney thing – I think our realtor called it a “chimea”? I want to get rid of it and plant artichokes back here.

From the southern fence, the shed. When we get a composter I will put it somewhere back here.

Slightly to the right, the south-west corner of the yard, grill, shed.

To the right again, part of the shed and the north-west corner of the yard with 2 raised beds!

Facing north now, the raised beds are in the left corner and you can see two of our oak trees and part of the deck.

The flagstone patio. For all of the pictures I just posted I was standing on the dark colored rug. That is in front of a sliding glass door (with a doggie door) that leads to the breakfast area and kitchen.

Two raised beds, both are 3’x11′. I have big plans of growing lots of greens – lettuce varieties, kale, spinach and more! Yum!

Standing near the raised beds, the view of the deck.

This flower wasn’t blooming yesterday!

One of our purple-tinted skylights.

These are on the vine/tree in the north-west corner of the backyard. Anyone know what they are?

More bulbs like the one above.

The bulbs are growing on this tree/vine in the backyard.

Standing at the apex of the two benches, this is the multi-level deck and the sliding glass door that leads to the living room.

View from the sliding glass door off the living room.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our backyard! Look for more mini-tours of Sinton in the coming weeks.


Project: Guest Bed Frame

Ryan and I bought this bed frame when we moved in together on 26th Street in Minneapolis. It was an old house that we were renting with a few other friends, and we lived in the attic.



It was lightweight, the look wasn’t too bad, but most importantly at the time, it was cheap! I think we paid under $100 for it. It’s no longer available from IKEA.

That was over four years ago, though, and the bed isn’t in great shape:




Yeah… that thing has been through 3 moves, including several months in a storage pod coming down to Texas from Minnesota

Earlier this year, when my in-laws were coming to visit us, we made the decision that it was time for a new bed and frame. So this bed went from being ours to being the guest bed (yes…looking like *that* all this time. I’m a bit ashamed.)

I’m about 2/3 done revamping the bed frame, and then I have some work to do on dresser that will match it. It’s not a jaw-dropping change but I think the difference will be awesome, and when we have visitors I will be excited to have them stay in a pretty guest bedroom, instead of feeling bit embarrassed over the state of our furniture.

No “TA-DAAAA!” pictures today, but they’ll be coming soon!

Weekly Meal Planning 6/4/12

Oh, hi! It’s been a little while.

Last week was a real treat, as Ryan cooked every night. Every! Single! Night! A gal could get used to this kind of life.

Also, I’ve given up sugar.

But anyway!

Monday: chicken noodle soup

Tuesday: brinner! I’m thinking these waffles, eggs over easy and bacon. Yum.

Wednesday: green chile chicken tacos

Thursday: vegetable tian and chicken on the grill, perhaps

Friday: we’re going to Fleming’s! we have a gift card 🙂

I just pulled bananas out of the oven to make this. Without sugar, of course. Yum.

Weekly Meal Planning 3/26/12

This past week of meal planning went pretty well! There were a few last-minute adjustments due to an invitation to grill out at someone’s house on Friday and Ryan’s trip to San Antonio on Wednesday, but other than that we stuck to the plan.

Sunday:: We never got around to making the Shrimp, Avocado and Grapefruit salad that I posted last week, so we need to eat the very ripe avocado that’s sitting on the counter.

Monday: Ryan’s got a busy evening of basketball and fantasy drafts, so a quick and easy dinner of chicken fajitas sounds about right.

Tuesday: Some Indian food sounds perfect. We haven’t mastered it at home, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying.

Wednesday: The Wild Rice salad we had last week was delicious. It’s earned itself a spot in the regular rotation.

Thursday: The culinary education of Ryan continues as I challenge him to make Chicken Marsala! With orzo and a big green salad on the side.

Friday: Weather pending, we’re going to try out the apartment’s grill down by the pool. Some burgers, maybe a frosty beverage of some kind, the company of some good friends, perhaps…

Saturday: I never got my Neapolitan style pizza last week! We’ll see if I can convince Ryan to take me there this week.

Finally, some knitting

For one of my sorority sisters who just had a baby boy:

This is the fourth time I’ve made this particular pattern, and I am sure I will knit it again. It’s basic, yet versatile and knits up quickly. Now I just need to get it sent off to the recipient before he gets his G2 licence. (BAM! Canada humour.)

Weekly Meal Planning 3/19/12

I haven’t been very organized lately. Meal planning hasn’t been a very high priority and, thus, hasn’t been at all successful. But after a few weeks of running off to the store nearly every night for some small ingredient, it’s time to get focused.

Monday: Wild Rice Burgers and salad.

Tuesday: It’s supposed to be quite rainy in the beginning of the week, I think a nice tomato, vegetable and chicken-sausage risotto is just what’s needed.

Wednesday: Since we have some wild rice all cooked up, I’m tagging Ryan to make a wild rice salad that we both liked at a deli in MN.

Thursday: Doesn’t this sound fantastic? Shrimp, Avocado & Grapefruit Salad and some crusty bread

Friday: Pork tenderloin roulade with apple-bourbon jam and roasted cauliflower

Saturday: I’ve been craving some Neapolitan-style pizza. Maybe I’ll try to convince Ryan that he ought to take me to House Pizzeria

Weekly Meal Planning 2/27/12

…well, hello there!

I disappeared for a while there. It’s been a change, working, getting used to the new routine of doing things like showering and leaving the house and wearing clothes other than PJs. Work, man, it’s for the birds. (I’m just kidding, universe, in case you’re listening)

Ryan’s parents graced us with a visit, which was a fantastic week full of touring and eating many delicious meals in restaurants and absolutely no cooking. Then there was a week of recovery. Now we’re back on track. 

Monday: Ryan’s playing basketball, and I’m currently eating an egg white omelet and a strip of bacon.

Tuesday: I made barbacoa beef recently, and I want to make fajita burrito bowls with red and green bell pepper, red onion, and cilantro-lime bulgur wheat instead of rice. I know – crazy! Bulgur wheat!

Wednesday: Pasta with cilantro chicken sausage. I’ve gotten tons and tons of pasta and sauce from work the past week or so, it’s my duty to try it and report my opinions on the samples 🙂

Thursday: We have a stash of very ripe bananas in the freezer, I’m thinking of making some banana bread and French Toast-ifying it in a manner similar to the South Congress Cafe’s Carrot Cake French Toast. Brinner for the win!

Friday: Ryan and I bet on the Oscars – whoever guessed more winners not only gets a break from a bunch of chores for this week, but gets to pick where we go to dinner and what we do for an after-dinner activity. I lost, big time 😦